How to Teach Native American Music in the School Classroom

This video is made for music educators seeking to expand their cultural competency and acquire cultural music within their own communities. 

Northern Paiute Number Song

This is a Northern Paiute numbers song using the dialect I learned as a little girl. This melody is from a circle dance song of the Great Basin. There are many circle dance songs and this one I created to be used in the classroom. You have my permission to teach and use the song with mention of myself, the composer. It is proper protocol to tell people where you got the songs you sing. 

Interview at Staford University Mother’s Day Powwow 2018

Interview by at the Staford University Mother’s Day Powwow 2018

Hand Drum Song About Veterans Composed by Popeye McCloud

Me singing a circle dance hand drum song about Veterans composed by Popeye McCloud, in a hand drum contest at the Carson City Nevada Day Powwow in Carson City, NV


Here I am featured as the dancer in a collaboration with Native American Hip Hop artist “Supaman.”

Aka Mya Culture Group Native American Heritage Assembly 2011

Native American performance highlighting the Pow wow dance styles, various other tribal music samplings, hoop dance, and interviews with all dancers in the performance including a spoken word performance.

Performance With Supaman

Opening dance of Supaman's performance in Gardnerville, NV. I started out with Pow wow fancy dance style.

7 Things to Avoid When Teaching About Thanksgiving

This video is for culturally responsive educators just like you. It is a reminder that you are committed to equitable and respectful pedagogy.   Remember that there is always something more to learn about the backgrounds of your students. The learning will never stop.

If you can attend Native American events, please do. Experiencing culture within its context is more valuable than reading from afar.