Michelle McCauley's Youtube Channel- Native American Pow Wow Dance and Music


This channel is a representation of my current dance life today. This channel serves to be a great resource for music educators to gain insight into what Native American Pow wow dancing really is, by a fellow educator.  I have a master's degree in music education, and have been trained in various classical Western practices of music; however, music is a way of life for many people and regardless of not knowing how to read music, people still perform/participate in it without a licensed educator.

La Bamba: The Afro-Mexican Story


Much has been made of Mexico's rich Spanish and indigenous heritage, but until recently, there's been little talk of Mexico's so-called "Third Root":  Africa. Africans came to Mexico with the Spanish as soldiers and slaves - so many that by 1810, the black population of Mexico was equal to that of the United States. Today, African heritage persists throughout Mexico, yet for a variety of reasons, black history has long been silenced. In this Hip Deep episode, we use music to explore that history as we take a road-trip across the country in search of sonic traces of Afro-Mexico. 

We Rise: A Movement Songbook


We Rise: A Movement Songbook draws on a rich history of social movement music, both old and new. From Spirituals to Labor songs, from Freedom Songs of the Civil Rights Movement to the music rising up from our struggles today, this compilation of movement music is meant to give people ways to join. To remember.  To affirm. To honor. To rage. To celebrate. To practice new ways of being in relationship with one another and the earth. To envision and create a world that is just and habitable for future generations.

We offer this songbook as a gift to the movement in hopes that the practice of raising our voices together will enable us to honor our pasts, learn from one another, and begin to envision a just society where Everybody and Being has a Right to Live.